When you’re rounding, how do you communicate patient status updates with your colleagues? We can all agree that regular texting would be the easiest option, but that’s not secure enough. CMS issued a memo clarifying what’s permissible in 2017, stating “All providers must utilize and maintain systems/platforms that are secure, encrypted, and that minimize the risks to patient privacy and confidentiality as per HIPAA regulations.”

The question arises: Why not just look in the EHR? Everything is documented there anyway. I recently asked a doctor friend, “If you want to get to a progress note for a quick update about how things are going for a patient, how many clicks would it take?”

His first response? “Well, it wouldn’t be quick.”

Once we got to analyzing the question though, we figured out that it would take five clicks and two list searches just to get to a progress note – and that’s assuming he was already signed in AND the patient was already on his list, which is one thing if you need to read the entire note, but cumbersome if you’re just trying to find or convey a quick piece of information.

To try and combat this problem, EHRs are rolling out secure chat options that are part of their platform to streamline things. While helpful, there’s some danger there. As Modern Healthcare points out: “NYU Langone Health has found that feature particularly useful, although it also means educating EHR users that the chat program is separate from documentation.

Dr. Paul Testa, NYU’s chief medical information officer, said, ‘Exchange of data is not documentation of clinical data.’” And we all know: if you didn’t document it, it never happened. According to attorney Andrew Selesnick with Buchalter’s healthcare practice group, “Health systems should consider whether text messages need to be printed and made part of the patient record in full” to avoid this problem.

Let’s pause there for a second and imagine that workflow: use the secure chat to save time, but then be sure to print the chat and scan it back into the record. Since many secure chat tools only display the conversation to the participants, who is going to do this work? As someone who has worked in clinical application training and management, I’m trying to imagine asking a physician to do this, and let’s just say… it wouldn’t go well (nor should it, because that’s ridiculous).

Further, using the EHR chat to communicate about patients doesn’t work well if you need to communicate with your partners and your practice rounds at different facilities or hospital systems. Even if multiple hospital systems are using the same brand of EHR, those EHRs don’t talk to each other.

This brings us to secure messaging platforms, which are an excellent option for quick, HIPAA compliant communication. There are many good options out there. When your practice is considering which to choose, here are some points to consider:

  • Look for platforms where the messages can be attached directly to the patient, rather than separated into their own silo. This way, another member of the team can access them later if needed.
  • If the messages are patient-related, ensure that it’s clear which patient is being discussed. This clarity is essential to prevent mistakes.
  • The entire team should be able to access the service. If you want to bridge the gap from inpatient to outpatient care, including your team of MAs, nurses, billing staff, and others back at the office is important.
  • Is the tool available on desktop and mobile? Mobile is great for most providers, but many staff members who may need to communicate will do so from the desktop.

HybridChart offers a complete rounding tool, and includes secure messaging. Messages about patients are easily accessible for the entire team to allow for complete communication. Census management tools also make it easy to convey information about patient status and needs at-a-glance across multiple facilities. Visit us today at hybridchart.com to learn how we can assist your team with collaboration and help end communication breakdown.

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Take control of your entire workflow through a user-friendly solution created by a physician. Medical software too often fails to address the specific needs of providers. Rounding at one or more hospitals presents a unique challenge. There is the need for effective team collaboration and easy charge capture. Census management means true collaboration among provider and staff. Rounding at multiple facilities just got way easier.

Covering on-call now has the luxury of essential information for clean hand-offs. Charge capture takes less than five seconds. Diagnoses are easy to find and follow the patient. Customized charge menus make it easy to enter the correct charge. Don’t let billing for your work slow you down. Charge in real-time and focus on caring for the patient.

HybridChart has numerous levels of safeguards against missed charges. The Charge Checker feature will scan every day of an admission and assure there are charges. Using the Charge Matrix you have visibility of all charges from multiple providers per day for any given patient.

Most practices see a revenue increase of 8-10% after using HybridChart – attributed to capturing every charge for every patient. Charges are complex enough with just the diagnosis codes and charge codes. To make your charges accurate HybridChart allows you to easily adjust the Date of Service and assign Secondary Billers such as nurse-practitioners and physician assistants. Modifiers can be built into specific Billing Modules or choose from a customized list managed by your practice. Seamlessly navigate our Charge Capture workflow and save time without losing accuracy.

An automated charge capture system may be the most profitable investment that you can make in your practice today.

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Kisha Crofts Author
Kisha Crofts is the Director of Product Management and Implementation at HybridChart. She has worked in medicine for over fifteen years, including roles in EMS, Cardiology, and clinical application management. She lives in Goodyear, Arizona with her family.
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