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While HybridChart was designed by doctors for doctors, there are many others involved in patient care that can benefit from the ease and efficiencies gained with HybridChart. See below for more information on how HybridChart can help you and your organization.

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With HybridChart being developed by Doctors for Doctors, no other software tool understands the nuances of how you round and how to make your workflow easier. Gain efficiencies, communicate securely, and have end-to-end visibility of your patients and fellow Practitioners all built into our intuitive mobile and desktop app.

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Practice Administrators

HybridChart was built with the Administrators in mind – allowing you to connect with your entire team, from the Physicians, to the nurses, billers, coders and schedulers. View all aspects of work in real-time and know that charges will never be missed again. Your job will be much easier with HybridChart.

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Medical Billers

Real Time charge capture means less denials. Automated key entry means a more efficient workflow. Seamless data-flow into the billing software. Work tickets, scrub charges, and push them effortlessly into your management system. Work better, not harder. That’s what HybridChart can do for you.

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Patient Schedulers

Get the visibility you need in one integrated tool. HybridChart lets you see which patients are flowing in and out of care. With our Active Census Management features, you will be able to track which patients are at which stage, and at which facility, with discharge orders being relayed in real time.

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HybridChart can act as the perfect compliment to your already existing product suite. Our exiting Authorized Seller Program allows you to sell and rep HybridChart as either a House, Private or White Label branded product. Our Support Team will train you and provide you with the materials needed to make this a great partnership.

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System Integrators

If you’re looking for a SaaS solution with multiple features, ease of use, and a development team that knows how to implement and deploy, the HybridChart team is here to assist you with sales collateral, live demos and partnership tiers to help make your job easier. With countless custom and off-the-shelf deployments, we’re here for you.

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Electronic Health Records

With a history of integrating with large EMR software solutions, HybridChart can work seamlessly as a mobile extension of your existing product. Our intuitive and easy interfaces can either act as off-the-shelf solutions or can be custom-built for your needs by our developers. No integration is too large.

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Any Doctor of any specialty at any hospital can benefit from HybridChart’s rounding and workflow efficiency tools. With seamless integration, HybridChart can act as a hand-off tool between the unique needs of Physician rounding at a given hospital and easily manage patient care and real-time charge captures.

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Health Information Technology

Integrating HybridChart into your already existing IT infrastructure is seamless and requires absolutely zero server maintenance as our solution is entirely cloud-based. HybridChart is built to integrate with hospital system ADT feeds and outpatient EMRs for real-time information flow. Configuration is quick, and updates are completed in minutes with zero interruptions to practice workflow. We make it easy for you, with our Support Team and online training videos available to you any time.

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Population Health Management

HybridChart is proud to be an active participant in Population Health Management thanks to Pathways, a feature integrator and connectivity component to our Rounding software. It captures data, physician behavior and patient care characteristics, which are immediately fed into our analytical tools to assist in real-time decision making and quality measures. We help streamline at the patient point of care and provide interoperability to other systems, aiding Population Health Management in return.

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