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Despite technological advancements in the medical world, the mechanics of practicing medicine remains fragmented and inefficient. Healthcare technology systems don’t talk to each other, which results in a lack of visibility of patient data, and creates a gap between the inpatient and outpatient worlds. As a result, it is challenging to practice medicine in this environment.

We at HybridChart believe connectivity is important. Together, we can do better. Adopting technologies that assist with integrated workflows and opening the doors and allowing for connectivity between systems is essential for better, smarter, and informed care.

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Modern Software for Modern Medicine

What if there was a software solution that could coordinate with other software platforms and allow for secure messaging and communication for all providers across the spectrum of care to track and collaborate on their patient? HybridChart can be that solution for you!

HybridChart is a user-friendly, complete healthcare rounding and workflow solution created by a physician, that allows you and your team to Collaborate on your hospitalized patients. It will unite your doctors with your office staff, streamline your Charge Capture process, and address the entire workflow from Secure Messaging to Discharge Management. This intuitive software solution will assist you in collecting tons of Data critical to running your business – data that can also be used for value-based care.

What do modern medical practices need? Processes that save them time and save them money. They need solutions that are easy to implement, and will have full adoption amongst doctors and staff. This is the HybridChart Solution.

We Make It Easy

HybridChart becomes even more powerful when connected to your hospital system, and we will work with your team to get an ADT (Admit-Discharge-Transfer) feed.

Piloting our software is also easy and fast. Be up and running in hours! Our Pilot Program includes up to two providers with billing and scheduling support teams for 30 days. We are committed to your success.

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