When it comes to habits, scientists have found something alarming: It can take up to nine months to break an old habit.

Though it can be far less for recently acquired habits, for those proclivities that have been ingrained to the point that they’re part of our muscle memory, it can be an arduous task to behold.

This is especially true for doctors. In addition to the rigorous curricula that had to be absorbed during those go-go days of med school, those fresh-faced residents also picked up the habits and practices that eventually would become rote – how to run certain procedures, how to exhibit the appropriate bedside manner – and, yes, how to conduct hospital rounding activities.

Even in a world where technology has made things easier, it seems like many doctors slide back on the old, inefficient habits around charge capture – scratching and scribbling notes on papers, calling the office with census updates, and basically using the force to ensure every hospital-bound patient is seen. 

Weren’t some habits designed to be broken?

Certainly, with the arrival of mobile charge capture software, it’s time to revisit and reject one of those “time-honored” traditions. It’s a necessary evolution that could have a transformative impact on the efficiency of your practice, the optimization of your time, and the satisfaction of your patients and staff. 

Turn On, Tune In — Download

Really, it will take you just one download to achieve new benchmarks of excellence in your approach to hospital charge capture. Our product, EVOLVE by HybridChart, started out as a way to replace paper-based charge capture with a well-built, tech-driven process.

With the HybridChart app, doctors have “right-now” visibility into scheduling, patient discharges, HIPAA compliant messaging, and charge capture tools that effortlessly sync in real-time between your practice administration personnel, your billers and your billing software.

In addition to gaining efficiency, you can get invaluable insights into how you’re working so that you can further improve efficiencies going forward. Adopting a mobile charge capture solution like EVOLVE is no longer an option, but a critical necessity for rounding physicians who are always looking to find some more time in their day. 

Data is the New Medicine

If you love analytics, it doesn’t end with workflow data. The data you can pull from the HybridChart app can provide you and your practice administrators greater insights into the efficiencies gained, revenues retained, and the gaps in your processes.

Not only will you have visibility into what is working, but also be able to see, and act upon, what improvements need to be taken.

We’ve found that practices who fully commit to HybridChart for hospital rounding quickly realize a bump in revenues of between 8 and 12 percent just by using our charge capture feature.

MedTech is the Future

Advancements in medicine and medical procedures not only improve the lives of your patients, but also make you better doctors by extension.

But practicing medicine is only half the equation.

Having the right administration tools streamlines the business of being a doctor, making you better by extension.

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For A Better Hospital Rounding Experience

At HybridChart, we provide technology that connects your healthcare team, increases efficiencies, AND improves your bottom line. HybridChart’s cloud-based software adapts to your practice’s unique workflow and will improve your profitability and patient outcomes by utilizing our 5 features: charge capture, census management, secure messaging, discharge planning, and data analytics.

NEVER miss another charge and get PAID for the work you do!

If you are interested in taking your medical practice to the next level and want to employ the best hospital charge capture practice available in the industry, come visit our website at www.hybridchart.com, call us at 1-877-977-5544, or click here to schedule a demo today!

Dr. Gregory Sanders is a Harvard-trained, practicing cardiologist and founder and CEO of HybridChart. He has been coding since the 1980s and has spent his medical career focusing on improving processes. His patient care skills earned him recognition as one of Phoenix Magazine’s TOP DOCs. He lives in Scottsdale with his family.