I spent several years working as a Medical Assistant in a Cardiology clinic. It was interesting and rewarding work, but it had its challenges. One of the biggest was keeping the doctors on schedule as much as possible. One electrophysiologist who I worked with on occasion was so notoriously talkative that we developed a secret code phrase to let him know he was getting behind.

In that particular clinic, whatever doctor was on call that week would round at the hospital for a couple hours in the morning and then come to see patients at the clinic when they were done. The weeks that the doctor I worked with was on call were a constant source of frustration because he was frequently late, and once we got behind it was nearly impossible to catch up.

In retrospect, I realize that a large source of my frustration was having zero insight into what he was dealing with at the hospital. If I had been able to see the patient volume I would have used that insight to manage the schedule a little better – and I could have gotten that with HybridChart.

Many of us groan when we think about healthcare technology, but it’s easy to forget that it can bring surprising benefits to the practice. Here are five unexpected benefits of using HybridChart as your practice’s rounding solution.

Give Your Team Some Insight

It can sometimes feel like there’s a giant chasm between the inpatient and outpatient worlds. HybridChart’s census management tools let the team in the clinic see what’s going on in the hospital so they can plan around it.

The discharge planning tools transmit patient follow up requirements to the scheduling staff in real-time. If you’ve never scheduled outpatient appointments, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not as simple as fitting a patient into an open slot. There are so many factors to consider – insurance requirements, any testing that needs to be completed before the visit, patient transportation challenges, etc.

If the scheduler has insight into what the patient needs ahead of time, they can take the necessary time to figure out the best scheduling plan, ensure that all necessary testing is arranged, and then contact the patient.

Improve Physician Retention

As healthcare modernizes, using technology is inevitable; the problem with a lot of it is that it wasn’t designed by people who actually work in medicine so it’s not well suited to the real-world needs of physicians. HybridChart was created by a doctor to be a tool that doctors would actually want to use. In fact, Dr. Greg Sanders, our founder and CEO, uses HybridChart regularly in his work as a cardiologist.

When it comes to keeping the physicians in your practice happy and thriving, giving them tools that they don’t hate should be on the list of priorities. Losing a physician is expensive – depending on varying factors, the cost of physician turnover can be upwards of $500,000. HybridChart is easy to use and intuitive to a doctor’s real-world workflow needs.

 Buy Something Your Practice Needs

HybridChart isn’t free, but it is on the lower end of the spectrum for the cost of software rounding solutions. Paper might seem cheaper on its face, but missing charges are costing your practice money. Multiple layers of protection ensure that all charges get captured, and the average practice using the tool sees an increase in revenue from 8-10%.

What could you do with a revenue increase like that? Give your staff a raise? Buy that new piece of equipment your team has its eye on? Replace that fax machine on the second floor that everyone hates? Think of the possibilities!

Focus on Other Tasks

The charge capture feature alone creates a cascade of improved efficiency across the practice. By using our mobile charge capture solution, providers no longer need to bring paper back to the office, meaning they can spend more time with patients. Billers and coders aren’t waiting for paperwork that’s coming late, eliminating the efforts needed when timely filing deadlines are missed.

All the charges are legible, so errors are reduced. Giving providers the right list of codes to choose from in the first place via diagnosis favorites lists and customized charge options further reduces errors. Fewer errors means your billing team spends less time chasing down insurance denials. I know exactly zero medical billers who would be sad to spend less time dealing with denials.

Be More Than a Client – Be a Partner

Proving feedback to medical software companies often feels like you’re screaming into the void. At HybridChart we recognize that our clients have some of the best ideas and we incorporate them in nearly every new release. Jennifer, an administrator in Alabama, says “We love HybridChart and the great openness you have to formulating a product that truly works for your customers!”.

Our team works hard to get to know your practice and its specific needs and workflows, so we can configure your site to make things as seamless as possible. When you have feedback, we do more than stuff it away in a file somewhere. We act on it.

Ready to bring some order to the rounding chaos at your practice? You can sign up online, right now, to take advantage of our Jump Right In™ free 30-day trial of HybridChart EVOLVE’s software rounding solution.

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Smarter Rounding and Workflow Software for Doctors

At HybridChart, we provide technology that connects your healthcare team, increases efficiencies, AND improves your bottom line. HybridChart’s cloud-based software adapts to your practice’s unique workflow and will improve your profitability and patient outcomes by utilizing our 5 features: census managementcharge capturesecure messagingdischarge management, and data analytics.

NEVER miss another charge and get PAID for the work you do!

If you are interested in taking your medical practice to the next level and want to employ the best hospital charge capture practice available in the industry, come visit our website at www.hybridchart.com, or call us at 1-877-684-0608 for a demo today!

Kisha Crofts Author
Kisha Crofts is the Director of Product Management and Implementation at HybridChart. She has worked in medicine for over fifteen years, including roles in EMS, Cardiology, and clinical application management. She lives in Goodyear, Arizona with her family.
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